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Thứ 2, 20/09/2021 05:30 GMT +7

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Neil Critchley left bemused as Blackpool suffer heavy loss to Huddersfield Trả lời

Thứ 4, 15/09/2021 21:08#1

Tham gia ngày: 18/04/2020

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Neil Critchley left bemused as Blackpool suffer heavy loss to Huddersfield

Neil Critchley left bemused as Blackpool suffer heavy loss to Huddersfield

Neil Critchley was left feeling perplexed at just how his Blackpool side fell to a 3-0 hammering at the hands of Huddersfield.

The two sides went into half-time level but a stunning 15-minute salvo with goals from Josh Koroma, Matty Pearson and Jonathan Hogg gave the Terriers an impressive win at Bloomfield Road.

Blackpool slipped back into the Championship drop zone but Critchley could not fault the effort despite the unflattering scoreline.

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“It’s a tough one, because I thought we were the better team in the first half,” said the manager.

“Looking at the game, if anyone had looked like scoring it was us.

“The quality of the Championship was highlighted again tonight, though, and the quality of the players in this league.

“Our response was good at 1-0, the biggest disappointment was the way we conceded the second goal.

“At 3-0, I’m scratching my head wondering what was going on, because overall we hadn’t done a lot wrong.

“People might look at it and think it was a disaster for us, but that’s far from it.

“I would hold my hands up straight away if I thought that was the case.

“I’ve absolutely no complaints about the application of my players. Could we have done better? I’m not so sure.

“Every game is a learning curve for us, in what is a really unforgiving division.”

The Seasiders had the better of the first half but Huddersfield opened the scoring with 48 minutes gone when Koroma cracked home from the edge of the box after meeting Lewis O’Brien’s short pass.

Centre-back Pearson bundled home a corner for 2-0 just a few minutes later before skipper Hogg fired home a clinical half-volley after Blackpool goalkeeper Chris Maxwell could only parry Koroma’s initial strike.

Huddersfield now sit fourth in the Championship ahead of Wednesday’s fixtures.

Manager Carlos Corberan said: “We changed things around a bit in the second half, and it clearly worked. We knew we needed to take some more risks.

“The defence was very solid in the second half and in a lot of ways it was a perfect performance.

“Every goal for us is important, but we seemed to be playing a little too complicated in that first half.

“It was a great second half from us, we dominated it, and a clean sheet is very important for us too.

“We need this togetherness, but you need that quality too. If you can find that balance and get it right, then you’ll get results.

“I was so pleased for Jonathan when he got his goal. He is so important for the team, and an important player around the club.

“He helps others around him, and when he plays well, that usually ensures the whole team puts in a very positive performance.”

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